History and Facts

History and Facts
History and Facts

The Company was founded by Echardt Hoffmannand and his wife in 1973 as a John Deere Dealer in South West Africa (Namibia)

My brother and I bought it on 1st May 1988. Although there was still another John Deere Dealer in Windhoek it was soon closed afterwards and since then we are the sole John Deere Agents in Namibia.

The agricultural sector largely consists of cattle and sheep. Commercial farmers cultivate about 25000ha dry landcorn in Namibia. The subsistence Farmers cultivates approximately 200 000ha dry land millet. The average rain fall for dry land crop production various from 400-600mm. Irrigated land is approximately 4000ha in Namibia

The market for agriculture equipment like Tractors, Implements and Harvesters is very small. The approximate all new tractor sales in Namibia over the last three years are 75 units/year. The Tractors sales is mostly in the 70-100hp range.

Therefore it should be obvious that the demand is very low in all aspects.

Over the long term we carry out 50% plus of all tractor sales in Namibia.

Our Business is in Otjiwarongo, approximately 250km north of Windhoek and 380km from our port in Walvis Bay.

Otjiwarongo is our only outlet although we have garage owners in other towns doing service and repair on our behalf in their area.

My brother Jan and I are the sole owners of the Company. We have 19 employees which consists of 8 admin personnel, 5 artisans, 1 driver and the rest are skilled laborers.

The technicians have to travel long distances to service the equipment of our customers, which is avery high cost factor.

The 1700 sq m buildings consist out of 250sq m office area, 800 sq m workshop and the rest is for spares and storage. The total area is 10 800 sq meters.

D.P.J. van der Merwe